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First Responder Quick Reference Guide


Great news!  The First Responder Quick Reference Guide, provided by AFV Safety Training ( by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium and West Virginia University Research Corp. is now available for the Android platform, as well as the previously released iOS version.  Read on to learn why would you need the QRG…

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Learn extrication techniques for Advanced Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Vehicles covered include:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles • Battery Electric Vehicles
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles



The Android app is 11.89MB and took me about two minutes to download and install on WiFi.  The iOS version took about the same amount of time on WiFi.  On the iPhone, I have one extra feature, called Gallery, which simply provides a photo of the stock vehicle, so I can’t say I’m missing it in the Android version.  What is a bit disappointing on the Android edition is that when I open a vehicle diagram to see the high-voltage  or airbag lines, it doesn’t offer pinch-to-zoom like the iOS version, so that means you’ll need an Android device with a bigger screen.  I hope they can make this feature available in an update soon.  I think the Android app is still more than adequate.  The app also has a teaching feature (called simply “Tour” on Android and “Quick Tour” on iOS) to show you how to use it, so I’d start there the first time I run the app, then experiment on my own (as you should always be familiar with your equipment, or in this case, app, before you have to use it in the field).  All in all, it appears to be a great reference for dealing with the plethora of hybrids, electrics, and biofueled vehicles amassing on the roadways.  It certainly makes me feel more confident in approaching one of these vehicles to extricate a patient, versus the way I was taught to deal with the first generation of hybrid electric cars.  We were told to treat every one of the original Toyota Priuses and Honda Insights as HazMat incidents due to all the batteries.

The Android version isn’t yet listed on their website, so make sure you use this link they provided me in the notification e-mail, or search the Google Play store directly (it came up as the second item in the search)…

Get the Android version from Google Play here:


And if you want it for your Apple iPhone or iPad device, you can use the following link…

Get the iOS version from the App Store here:







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