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What’s On My Android Phone?


Android LogoI’m quite experienced on Android phones and hacking them too, so I can point you to many resources if you want to make your phone do more than the phone carrier you are using sticks you with (and believe me the phone can do a lot more than they let you). I’m picky about what I allow to remain on the phone, and I hate apps that start themselves without my permission. My phone can do almost as much as my PC, including output the image to a projector or HDMI LCD, so I can present, edit things, design, record, photograph, message with e-mail and social media, play games, and more. Now here’s a list that doesn’t include every app I’d LIKE to have on there since I don’t have enough space on my current Motorola Triumph to run more, but I either have or have used every one of these apps before.

Presently on my Android phone:

  • avast! (Free antivirus and if you root your phone, you can get this hard installed into the phone’s core image so if someone steals it and does a hard reset to wipe everything, avast! remains and still lets you track your phone and wipe it remotely or report it – GET THIS DONE FIRST!!! – Don’t forget malware has been proliferative since Android is the #1 most used phone operating system).
  • Cerberus (Security app. Some of the function is redundant to avast!, but there are some unique features. 1 week free trial, and sometimes they give pro licenses away after you have the app and create an account, but even still, it’s worth the $5 or so they charge for the pro version).
  • ePocrates (By far the best pharmaceutical reference I’ve ever used – See my blog post here).
  • iTriage (this link is for the Android phone version. There is also a tablet edition here).
  • Gordon Edward’s Scanner Radio
  • TuneIn Radio (offers scanner channels and weather radio channels in addition to almost every web-simulcast radio station in the country).
  • ConvertPad (app that converts almost every measurement on earth).
  • EMS Speak (translation app I’m evaluating).
  • Google Translate
  • WISER (or you can use the web-based WebWISER
  • Evernote (GREAT note taking app)
  • SugarSync (syncs your pics and vids, plus any files you designate to cloud storage, so you can get the files back from any computer or mobile device – check my blog for a referral link to sign up if you want)
  • Skyscape free apps
  • Relief Central by Unbound Medicine
  • QRG (Quick Response Guide for hybrid, electric, biodiesel vehicles. See my recent blog post on this)
  • QuickOffice Pro (My favorite of all the Office suite apps, and I’ve tried ALL the major ones)
  • Amazon Appstore (A free premium Android app every day. Thanks to this, I have a copy of every major office suite app’s premium edition, and some great games come from it too)
  • Amazon Kindle (I also subscribe to the RSS Feed from Kindle On the Cheap where they send links to free books every day of the week. I must have well over 300 books I can read anytime.)
  • B&N Nook (Same people that do the Kindle on the Cheap blog above do this one for Nook: and I have a few dozen books from this site.)
  • Poweramp (I don’t care for the interface too much, but the sound quality beats any other music player – NO CONTEST! The app is a trial and you can buy the unlocker for the full version)
  • Spirit Level (How many times do you wish you had a level so you could put a picture frame on the wall, but either don’t have one, or don’t want to walk all the way out to the shed or garage to get it? Your phone can do it too)
  • BlueputDroid (makes your phone into a PC mouse or game controller over bluetooth)
  • WordPress (app to allow you to post to your EMS Blogs – or any other WP-based – site)
  • Barcode Scanner (reads QR codes and regular barcodes)
  • CardMobili (takes all your keychain/loyalty cards and digitizes them. Because of this app, I dropped 20 of these cards from my wallet!)
  • KeyRing (same as CardMobili – I’m just comparing the two, and this one has a Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone version, so I can move devices and keep the account sync’ed on all)
  • PaperCamera (neat photo app that does different designs on your pics than Instagram)
  • Instagram (had it in the first couple hours they released it and have it on my iPhone too. It’s okay, but Photoshop is better.)
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Cool Reader (reads any ebook format, including PDF – better than Adobe Reader for Android in my opinion)
  • DroidLight (simple but effective. Doesn’t have sirens and programmable secret code flashes like other apps. Designed for Motorola Droid phones, but it works on my non-Droid Motorola Triumph. Since it’s free, it may work, it may not, but it won’t cost you to try it. If it doesn’t work, or you want something more than just an LED flashlight, try Color Flashlight HD which I’ve also used before, but have taken it off my phone for space conservation.)
  • Vlingo (better than Siri for iPhone. You can run the app, then put it in car mode and never touch a button afterwards, and it works over a bluetooth headset. Dial calls, start Navigation app, send text messages, and have it read incoming texts to you).
  • StarChart (by Escapist Games – showss youwhat constelations you are looking at, and if you point it at the ground, you can see what constellations are above China)
  • Angry Birds and AngryBirds Rio, Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots, SuperWhy (on Amazon Appstore), My First Puzzles, and Monkey Preschool Lunchbox for my little boy (not for me silly).
  • Solitaire
  • Mojo NES and John NES Lite (Original NES system emulators – you have to provide your own game ROMS to use)
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Accupedo (pedometer app that has a widget that shows steps, miles, calories, and time active – Works great!)
  • Jason Calhoun’s Quick Apps and System Info Widget (and check out the rest of Jason’s apps on his website: Jason Calhoun – System Info Widget can be customized to show status of RAM, memory, SD Card remaining capacity, battery, temperature fo device, sound profiles, reboot button, etc. See my blog about this app.)
  • File Manager by Rhythm Software (If you don’t have one native with your phone, and not every Android phone does, this one is good, but there are a couple others that are good too)
  • Adobe Flash Player (eh, you can do pretty well without it, now that so many sites have gone away from Flash to use HTML5)
  • GPS Altimeter
  • Voxer (an IM and PTT communications app)
  • I use GingerBreak to “root” my phone so I can have the avast! and Cerberus master controls and someone cannot simply hard reset my phone and wipe out all traces of my ownership.  This app won’t work with all models of Android phones.  As of the time of this writing, I was unable to find the app in the market.
  • Titanium Backup (root required to make this work right. Backs up your phone to SD card and is supposed to give you ability to Freeze bloatware apps that come with the phone so they quit wasting your precious memory and RAM, allowing you to run and save more of what YOU want. Backups are important in case you drop your phone or submerge it in something disgusting and replace it with another. Just move the SD card over and restore your data.)
  • Superuser (root required – gives your apps access to restricted parts of the phone so you can change files around, and make administrative changes and customize the phone more.)
  • Informed apps like BLS Field Guide would be nice to add back in (I’ve used them in the past and had the pocket guides too), but I just don’t have any more space!

That should keep anyone busy for a few minutes.


  1. Thanks for the list. I didn’t know Avast had a mobile app. I have used their scanner for years on PC’s with never a virus. I use mostly Mac’s now but do have one PC laptop that uses Avast.

    I have almost every other app mentioned but am going to try the Vlingo to see if it’s better than Skyvi which doesn’t thrill me too much. I personally prefer Tweetcaster for Twitter and ES File Manager for files. Overall though, Great List!

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