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Google acquires Quickoffice

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Well, they’ve done it again! The Borg Google has assimilated acquired yet another fine product of American technology and ingenuity.  Quickoffice, my favorite Android-based office productivity suite sent me the announcement in my e-mail (see the screenshot below).  I have mixed emotions about this. First is that I really just don’t like Google Docs, so I hope they don’t mess with Quickoffice much in integrating it into Docs.  Second, it puts Quickoffice in a position to use some great developmental assets to make its product even better.  Once thing I am certain of is that it will be disappearing from the Amazon Appstore very soon (which is a real shame because I got my full version of Quickoffice as one of the Amazon Appsotre’s Free App of the Day promos so you can bet Google won’t allow that to be a promo again).

Quickoffice has been the closest thing to Microsoft Office on Android so far.  The other suites out there aren’t bad, but they aren’t as good as Quickoffice, IMHO.  I’m not a big predictions kind of guy, so I’m not going to forecast the death of Quickoffice or anything like that (I’ll leave that to Google to talk about), but the letter doesn’t assure us, the users, that Google won’t squash Quickoffice in the near future.  I sure hope they don’t.

Google acquires Quickoffice (Android App)

One Comment

  1. I first used QuickOffice on my AT&T Tilt (the HTC Tytn II) on Windows Mobile 6. I have recently come back to Quick Office on my iPad. I am not too sure that I like the idea of Google purchasing QuickOffice. I made an honest attempt at using Google Docs, but I found it was not very user friendly. Many people still use MS Office, so when sending documents they still need to be in MS formats. This limits my desire to use Google Docs as a primary office suite.

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