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Assault Shaker


I know this isn’t a technology post, which I generally try to avoid, but sometimes I feel I can’t bite my tongue.  Where does it end?  (And, by the way, salt is wireless…)

The leading causes of death in the United States are contributed to heavily by excessive sodium in the diet.  This problem dwarfs gun violence (which some people have taken up as their cause to have firearms banned because of how “dangerous” they are to the average American), but all we seem to want to do is develop cutesy little PSA’s about cutting back on sodium intake, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon with my own PSA on sodium.  Please feel free to share this with everyone!  I have provided share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, and other networks and distribution mediums…  If you want to know more about the deadly effects of salt, visit and be sure to look at the link on the page about salt in obese pediatrics (my jaw about hit the floor).

Assault Shaker and A Salt Shaker

What else would you ban?  Pencils for misspelling words?  Cars for deaths related to auto collisions or due to drink drivers (which, incidentally, also kill or permanently disable more people than firearms annually)?  Computers for the proliferation of viruses and malware?  Vaccinations because they sometimes hurt and/or bruise, and make most kids cry?  Maybe these things are okay, as long as they’re only in the hands of professionals?  The comment lines are open.

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