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What’s That Crusty Stuff?


So there you are, minding your own business

Sitting on the couch, gaming with a buddy on the big screen.  You’re chillin’ and eatin’ munchies, drinking your favorite blend of Dew.  Your “buddy” goes home.  You pick up his controller and, “Eeeewww! What’s that crusty stuff?”

A quick analysis under a microscope reveals skin slough and oils, a booger, earwax, salami and cheese oil, butter, and Cheetos residue.  No wonder the keys are feeling kinda sticky!  It’s disgusting, yes, but it isn’t the end of the controller.  You know that the disinfectant you use on the gurney will kill the germs, but it really won’t clean it.  Immersion in bleach solution is out.  What can you do?

Get Dirt Rags Gaming Wipes!  They’re kid safe, electronic towelettes for all of your electronics.  They’re non-toxic, contain no alcohol or bleach, but they’re anti-bacterial/pathogen.  No animal testing was used in development and the FDA likes the ingredients (I’m sure they can’t complain about the Tangerine Extract).  Even still, it’s not recommended as an eye wipe.

They come in single wipe sealed packets, or in pop-up wipe tubs.  I found this product at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.  If you want to know more about Dirt Rags, click the picture to visit their website…

Dirt Rags by GameOn

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