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A couple of my esteemed colleagues have generated some articles that are in line with the topics I like to cover, so I would like to invite you to visit them.

Everyday EMS Tips:

ERG 2012Greg Friese has found the 2012 editions of the Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) are now available as apps for Android and iPhone.  Although I prefer the feel of the WISER app over these, the WISER app is still using the 2008 ERG data, so if you are looking for current editions, Greg has the links that’ll point you to the right app store.  Whether you get the apps, or go to the PHMSA and download the .pdf version, or you prefer the physical book, you should absolutely open it up and get familiar with it before you need it for an emergency event.

If you aren’t sure what the ERG is, it is the little orange book that is federally mandated to be placed in every emergency vehicle in the USA.  You’ve probably skimmed by it, since it’s usually tossed behind the cab seats, stuffed in the door pocket with an undisclosed number of candy and jerky wrappers, and a pair of used gloves from some previous call.

Incidentally, here’s the online accessible version (you must have an active internet connection to use it) and they have a link there to grab the .pdf copy too…

Jamie Davis:

You may know Jamie from his MedicCast blog, The Nursing Show, or Health Tech Weekly.  Recently, he went on an exploration mission at the 2013 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  I didn’t get a chance to meet up with him in all the chaos that accompanies cramming 150,000 attendees into three city blocks of convention center, but he found a couple of items to write about that I want to share…

Temporary Tattoo Patient Assessment Tool

iPhone Heart Monitor Case (Consider this a teaser of what’s to come soon.  I expect to write a little more on this one myself, and I’ve been told I’ll get to demo a unit for review on the blog.)

LifeProof Protects Mobile Devices in Healthcare Settings (Video)

FitBit One Monitors Fitness Around the Clock (Video)


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