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Get The Funk Off!


Get The Funk Off!

Do I have your attention yet?  Well, when I saw this on display at CES 2013, it certainly grabbed my attention!  It didn’t hurt that they had a pair of attractive ladies modeling at the booth, but really, I’m perfectly loyal to my bride of nearly 13 years.  I wasn’t there to see the babes.  First thing I saw was the the eye-catching banner, then I saw the ladies.  Seriously.

Get The Funk Off!

ENOUGH! What is it?

Get The Funk Off! Screen Wipes

Get The Funk Off! Screen Wipes (image credit website)

Ok. “Get The Funk Off!” is a screen goober remover.  It takes care of the nasty-wasty fingerprints, skin oils, and smudges that goop up your phone each and every time you touch it.  All that junk residing on your device is a cafeteria for bacteria and other biological bad guys.  These pre-moistened, prepackaged wipes can fit in a pouch, your pocket, your purse, or wherever you can stuff them.  Simply tear open one of the individual pouches and wipe away the junk.  They’re antibacterial too!  They work on your phone, tablet, laptop, plasma screen, LCD monitor, or TV.  Even if you have a new oleo-phobic coated screen, these babies will safely clean it.

These would be great to use on your Toughbooks, especially after every single patient touches it to sign the ePCR.  I gave them a shot and there was more than enough to clean a smartphone… front, back, and sides.  As they say, no streaking.

They’re made here in the USA, just outside Philly, so if you buy these, you’re supporting an all-American company.

You can find them in 5-packs, 40-packs, and 100-packs.  Visit to learn more and to buy.  A 40-pack box is only $7.00.

The folks at Get The Funk Off! gave me a box of 40 wipes to share with you.  All you have to do is:

  1. Share this post on the social media forum of your choosing (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, whatever).
  2. Leave me a comment below telling me what smartphone you are currently using.  Make sure you use your correct e-mail so I can contact you if you win.  Your e-mail will only be used to contact you if you win.  It will not be shared with anyone or used to subscribe you to any newsletters.  If you just happened to share the link to the social media post you shared this article on, I’d appreciate it, but it isn’t required.
  3. Do this by 17:00 PST, March 1, 2013, or you’ll miss the drawing.


No one participated in the giveaway, so I’ll run a drawing on Twitter when I get to 1,000 followers. Find one of my posts, RT it and follow @unwiredmedic to get your chance! And, THANK YOU!!!

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