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Big Gaming Console News


Sony PlayStation 4

PS4 logo from the PlayStation Blog

PS4 logo from the PlayStation Blog

Sony has announced the PS4, and it is rumored to be nothing short of a full gaming PC with a touchscreen and a camera.  It is supposed to continue to feature a Blu-Ray player that can still play DVD’s.  Expect a boost in graphics (to include “second screen features, which I assume means dual-screen gaming) and speed, and they threw in that you can expect “deeply integrated social capabilities”, including the ability to share screenshots on Facebook and other social media outlets.  Read more about the PS4 here:

All they said about a release date was that they will share more information as they get closer to release, “this holiday season”.

To complement the new gaming system, Sony is releasing the DUALSHOCK 4 controller.  It includes a share button for streaming a screenshot or gameplay, and a touchpad to provide new ways to get your game on.  Read about it here:

Mixrosoft XBox

Microsoft has been rumored to be preparing it’s XBox 360 successor, the XBox 720 for quite some time too.  They have announced that they will debut the new console this summer (which means it will likely debut before the PS4, but please don’t hold me to that).  It is supposed to feature a new generation of Kinect with a wider field of vision and will sport USB 3.0  There are no official announcements, nor has anyone definitely said it will be called the XBox 720, but seemingly well-timed rumors have been making their way out concerning the new console.  The latest article (as of the time of this writing) comes from ExtremeTech:

Microsoft has been advertising more heavily that they are looking to place the current and future-gen XBox’es as digital entertainment centers, especially by integrating the new XBox SmartGlass, allowing you to run videos, games, and other content on your XBox, then grab your laptop/tablet/Windows Phone/smartphone and pick up right where you left off.  Expect to see a lot more of that total entertainment integration in future consoles.

Coming soon to an ambulance near you…

RapidResponse EMS is advertising that their Pediatric Critical Care ambulances are DVD and PS2 equipped.  Nothing new to me.  I used to keep my laptop and my PS2Slim with a mount-on-case monitor and a DC power supply and a binder full of DVD’s and games on my unit back in 2006 just for long distance transports and kids.  OK, I am exaggerating.  I liked to game or watch movies when I had a few extra minutes at a post too (darn SSM).  I imagine it won’t be long before this becomes a lot more common on long-distance transfer units.  All the comforts of a first class airline seat, except for that nasty bar that runs down the middle of the stretcher for mattress support, and the smell, and the noise, and the medical gear and drugs, and that disorienting feeling of staring out the back window, and…

Rapid Response EMS with PS2 on board

Image credit: unknown source

Android gaming

If you are more into gaming with your Android smartphone or tablet, there are a couple devices I have played with and really enjoyed.

First is the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Gaming Remote.  Along with the free ZeeKey app for Android, you can control your games without having to put your fingers in front of the touchscreen.  I have owned mine for over a year now and even use it with an unsupported PC app to control PowerPoints and videos remotely.  Find out more about it at:

ZeeMote JS1

ZeeMote JS1

Next up is the MOGA controller by PowerA (  It is really meant for smartphones, but it will work with tablets too, albeit a little awkwardly.  Your Android smartphone is supposed to be mounted to the top of the controller in landscape orientation.  It even includes a couple of games.  You just need Android 2.3 or higher.  It’s a pretty sweet setup.  Just “Google” MOGA and see what you come up with.  There are plenty of detailed reviews out there.  I happen to like it quite a bit.  I’ve only had mine since December when they ran a screaming hot promo that crashed their website several times due to heavy demand.  All you had to do was pay shipping.  I don’t know if they’ll be running a deal like that again, but honestly, the $49.99 retail price isn’t unreasonable, considering all the games you get free with the system, and the quality of the device’s build.

MOGA by PowerA

MOGA by PowerA

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