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Free eCourse: Bombings: Injury Patterns and Care


In light of West, Texas and the fertilizer plant explosion and the bombing of the Boston Marathon, it seems prudent to brush up on the types of injuries you might encounter at an explosion site.  Along that vein, I wish to introduce you to the CDC’s free course entitled “Bombings: Injury Patterns and Care”.

CDC Course:

CDC Course: “Bombings: Injury Patterns and Care”

The lest well advertised version of this course can be taken at your leisure online, free of charge, from any place you have n internet connection.  Visit: to check out the CDC’s free e-learning system, and once you register, you can locate the course in the catalog.  It offers 2.3 CME, which should apply towards your trauma CE requirements for maintaining certification or licensure.  All in all, it is a pretty well designed course that doesn’t overcomplicate the topic.

If you wish to visit the CDC’s site to learn more about the course, and to find free resources, including links to where you can get the downloads for in-person course materials, and to obtain the CD-ROM version of the course at no charge, then visit the CDC’s Bioterrorism site at – Even if you choose to use the CDC-TRAIN learning site and complete the course online, I encourage you to visit the CDC’s website for additional reference material.


Jim Hoffman and EMS Office Hours has a post about “EMS and Explosive Incident Response” here:


  1. Is this the course you’re talking about:

    Explosion and Blast Injury

    Course ID: 1012816
    Format: Web-based Training – Self-study (Online)
    Clinical / Non-Clinical: Non Clinical
    Course Number: prdct000000000001094
    Cost (US$): 0.00
    Credit Type(s): 2.4 CEU/CE; Certificate of Attendance

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