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If you look in the dictionary, under…


How may times have you heard it?

“If you look in the dictionary, under (insert term, expletive, or insult here), you’ll see (his/her) picture.”

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a website that allows you to upload said person’s photo to that term and have it be viewable by a link you can share?  You could enter the term to be defined, place an image and caption it with their name, and write your own definition or use a canned one.

My first nominations would go to Kelly Grayson under “ambulance driver” and “redneck” (terms used endearingly, of course).  Maybe next would be Greg Friese under “bookworm” and “educationophile”.

Anyone you’d care to nominate?  Share the term and person.  Maybe your favorite public safety blogger or personality?


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