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Mutual Aid Requested: Medical Photo Sharing


Mutual Aid Requested: Medical Photo Sharing…

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Figure 1

From time to time, I will post a “Mutual Aid Requested” article, where I link to an article on someone else’s blog or website that I found useful for public safety and/or Emergency Medical Services.

Here is a wonderful educational asset I came across today.  “Figure 1” is a photo sharing app, like Instagram for example, but it is strictly for medical images.  As an EMS Educator myself, I often find it difficult to get images to add to my presentations and I know having access to this as I was mentoring Paramedic Interns would have been a boon to the teaching process.  This app is currently for iOS devices only and it costs nothing.  Rather than rewrite the entire article, I’d like to point you over to the article at, here:

Figure 1 is working on developing for other platforms and if you visit their website at and you go to the contact page, you can submit your e-mail address, country, and device platform (Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.) to be notified when other releases are ready.

Incidentally, in case you haven’t heard the good news, I am now a part-time professional blogger with, so check the site out from time to time, and you might see an article by me.  As a disclaimer, I’m not being compensated to bring you any articles hosted on the site, but if I do find something of benefit to public safety and emergency medicine, I’ll be sure to bring it to your attention here at The Unwired Medic.

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