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It’s like Instagram for Healthcare


I just got word that the Figure 1 app that was previously only available for iOS is now available for Android.  I now have an account, and if you happen to be one of the first 1,000 to sign up for a free account, you are in the mix for a $25 Google Play gift card.

Figure 1 is like Instagram, but for healthcare professionals.  You can crowdsource a photo to see if you can come up with a probable diagnosis, say for something like a skin rash, or use the app as a way to share a rare encounter with a medical condition.  I have seen radiology films and quick smartphone snapshots uploaded through the app.  I expect to see a lot of images of dislocations, avulsions, amputations, obvious fractures, rashes, and more.

The Figure 1 apps could also be a great teaching tool to support anatomy and physiology lectures.

You can register for a free account right from the app, and if you are also a presently licensed physician, you can have your account verified.  If you are a Paramedic, you should choose “Other Healthcare Professional” and scroll down to “Paramedic”.

If you happen to grab the app, sign up for an account, and connect with Figure 1 on social media (Twitter and Facebook), please let them know that The Unwired Medic pointed you their way. 🙂

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