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Verizon’s Palm Device – Redundant or Boon?


Verizon Palm

So, it’s not really a phone that makes calls, texts, runs Android with a full suite of apps, has a 12MP camera, runs social media, does voice commands, plays media, can run without your regular phone, but syncs with it (even iPhone)?

So we finally have a (not) phone that fits into that so-called “phone pocket” built into your pants. Right!

It seems it may cost an additional $10/mo and if you are an iOS device user, you have to disable iMessages to sync texts. And for you nostalgia types, no Graffiti. 😠 That’s a problem for texting on such a small screen, so use a stylus, fat finger a lot of things on the keyboard, or voice-to-text. Still, this may be a great option for #EMS, as I am hesitant to bring a $1k phone on scene with me, but I still want comms with dispatch, supervisors, and medical control, and may want to jot down some notes. Maybe an #ePCR app will work with it while you take quick notes on scene until you can get back to a tablet or laptop. Maybe this can replace a handheld radio for dispatch comms via an app like iamresponding. This could be a real boon to public safety.

This could provide instant access to WISER and ERG, ePocrates, Medscape, and MicroMedex Drugs/Compatibility/Peds/NeoFax, your medical reference ebooks like Harrisons and others, assorted specialty calculators, your pocket field guides, ICS Forms, and allow you to Bluetooth to your cardiac monitor. I would need to test this with mobile device management suites like Airwatch, but I imagine it could support encryption and lost device protection. There are lots of possibilities, and at a third the price of a flagship smartphone, I could see this being very useful in public safety.

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