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Venus in Transit – There’s an app


VenusIf you enjoyed the recent solar eclipse, you may also want to view the Transit of Venus, and yes, there’s an app for that…

Or you can go to your devices applications store or market and type VenusTransit in. If you still have any of the #12 welding goggles or the disposable glasses that look similar to the 3D glasses, but with a heavy light-blocking mylar lens, then you are in luck. You’ll need them for this viewing experience. It is expected to start June 5th ~ 6pm EST (~ 3pm PST) and last for about 6 hours overall. The next time this happens, we’ll all be decomposed corpses (it’ll be in 2117AD), so don’t miss out!

Learn more about the eclipse at
If you want to check it out on the interwebz, it appears is offering free streaming of the celestial event with different worldwide perspectives.

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