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Are You Kilted?


More than half of September has passed and the Kilted To Kick Cancer (KTKC) campaign is gaining a lot of attention nationally, spreading the word to gain awareness about male specific cancers. Fantastic! It’s gaining traction that it’s okay to talk about male health concerns as openly as women discuss breast cancer. But… we have a long way to go.


If you are reading this, you’re already of the fact that you are or know a man who is going to get prostate and/or testicular cancer. The statistics for prostate cancer compared to breast cancer are truly alarming. Women face the likelihood that they are the 1 in 8 who will contract invasive breast cancer, whereas men face the high probability that they will be the 1 out of 7 men who get prostate cancer (the good news being that is this improved from last year’s rate of 1 out of 6). The fatality rates are identical for breast and prostate cancers at 1 in 36.

So why aren’t we talking about it more?

Breast cancer advocacy is strong in the US, due in no small part to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and awareness tools like the Pink Ribbon. Some fun with awareness has made its way into mainstream society too. For instance, “Save The TaTas” or “Save Second Base”. Not having a ribbon color to adopt, the KTKC founders adopted the most manly thing they could find… the kilt!

So, for September, the KTKC Army wear kilts every day we can to raise awareness about male-specific cancers. It’s a great conversation starter, and every day this month I have worn mine, it has been the conversational segue into proselytizing about KTKC. I keep a few business cards around and pass them out to people I tell about KTKC. Men, women, young, old, it doesn’t matter. I tell everyone.

Prostate cancer risk increases proportionally after the age of 40, and it is recommended that men get their prostate checks and PSA blood draw annually, just as women should be getting their mammograms annually.

So man up!

If the ladies can endure a machine squishing their bosom for 15-30 minutes. A prostate check is over in less than a minute. Suck it up and get your caboose to the doctor and get it checked. The longer you wait, the harder the treatment course. Women should do monthly breast exams. Men, check your sack! 5 minutes of self-exam is more than enough. Hey, it can even be a co-ed exam! Your mate may spot something you don’t!

So you know to Get Checked, now Get Kilted!

So you say you have or will get checked. Super! But you’re hesitant to get a kilt. Why? You aren’t Scottish? So what! You can get a plain kilt like the one I have pictured above, which is more formal, or a tactical kilt :-* , or a clan tartan. You can wear the colors of your branch of military (my Leatherneck Tartan will arrive in a couple days), or even your favorite pro football team.

So this is your multiple choice challenge from me. Pick one, pick many, pick all:

  1. (Required:) Get Checked!
  2. (Strongly Recommended:) Get Kilted! (see recommendations below)
  3. (Critical:) Go to – Learn more about male-specific cancers and make a tax deductible donation to KTKC! Make sure to select “Team Unwired Medic” on the donation page!
  4. (Extremely Dedicated:) Take the #DunkYourJunk Ice Challenge! Go to  the KTKC Facebook page at to see how it’s done! Note: Not for the faint of heart. This also provides demonstrative proof that you do not suffer from Low-T! You also don’t get credit for this unless you publicly post video proof.
  5. (Altruistic:) Spread the word! Reblog this! Share it on your social media profiles (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.!

Thanks for reading my blog and learning about male-specific cancers and the Kilted To Kick Cancer campaign. Be safe and be blessed!

Where to get a kilt:
Alt.Kilt (KTKC Sponsor)
SportKilt (KTKC Sponsor)
Atlanta Kilts
Highland Kilts
5.11 Tactical (limited availability annually)
Linda Clifford
Kilt & Thistle Scottish Shoppe
The Celtic Croft


What does a kilt cost?
Economy kilts can be found at some of the sites I mentioned for even as low as $50, but you get what you pay for, so it may be adequate for your needs or suitable for short-term use, but may not hold up over time. Mid-grade kilts that use only ~3 yards of fabric and are fleece or acrylic fabrics are about $89-120 off the shelf, with custom options adding cost (buckles, belt loops, fringe, stitched pleats, etc.). True wool, formal kilts can start at $400 and go up, but are suitable for weddings and black tie events, and you usually get 5-8 yards of fabric.


What accessories can you use?
Sporran (essential)
Kilt pin (essential)
Leather Belt, 2″+ (recommended)
Sash and broach (formal)
Highland shirt
Kilt hose and flashes
Ghillie brogues (footwear)


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